APEX Mentorship Philosophy

Whether you are a new parent juggling to raise a family and work as a scientist in a laboratory, an Academic keen to make the transition into Industry or Consulting or a Scientist located in the most remote parts of the globe, we encourage you to apply for the APEX Think Mentorship Program. Created in 2011, we stepped away from big pharmaceutical and biotech corporations to develop another way to remain in Science yet balance the challenges of life in the 21st Century.

At APEX, we train and mentor a select number of individuals each year, actively coaching and guiding them how to become consultants and utilize their deep scientific knowledge and ingrained intellectual curiosity and turn that into a profitable and rewarding career as a scientific writing and marketing consultant. The ability to work from home, still keep your fingers in the science and yet be there to raise the family, is an untapped, unknown opportunity for many individuals and we pride ourselves in educating the consultants that enter our mentorship program.

After 6 months of paid, on the job training and exposure to many client facets and opportunities, our consultants are able to step into a new career path in Science. To apply, please send covering letter and resume to info@apexthink.com