About Us

Our Mission

APEX Think’s mission is to provide all companies no matter their size with the highest level of skill and functional expertise in core scientific and business functions that are available to large companies with a full time staff.

It’s like having a VP level person on staff when you need them, but not having to pay for them when you don’t. This enables the client company to focus on their primary tasks while we manage everything from PR, to scientific/technical writing, operations to marketing strategy.

About Us

APEX Think was founded by a group of seasoned Life Science professionals with diverse backgrounds in Business and Science. All of our consultants hold advanced degrees, Ph.D., MD, or MBA. For more details please see our profile page. We have collective experience across many Life Science industries including:

We have worked for fortune 500 companies, three person start-ups, and academia. We understand you, and we understand your business. Let us shoulder some of the weight and between us we can ensure your company reaches its full potential.

What Problems are we Trying to Fix?

Many small and start-up companies face the same problem; whilst typically having a deep skill set in a certain core area or two, they frequently lack of knowledge and skills in other areas that can negatively affect your company’s ability to achieve it’s goals and realize it’s potential.

The simple fact is that a start-up or early-stage company cannot afford to employ all the people they would like. A small number of people frequently wind up wearing multiple hats distracting you from your primary goals such as business development, product development, or fund raising.
APEX Think fills these gaps in your growing company in a simple and cost effective manner. Providing contract and consulting support on an hourly or retainer basis to give you the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

In the same way that most companies already outsource IT related activities such as website design, IT support, web hosting etc., APEX Think brings the same service to business functions such as public relations, technical writing, scientific expertise, or operations (for a full list please visit our services page).

Sounds Good, but How Much is this Going to Cost?

Less than you might think. Exact cost will depend on your needs, but our typical clients receiving daily support pay around $40 – 60K a year. For less than the cost of hiring a fresh out of school graduate you can have seasoned professionals handle your needs in as many different business and scientific fields as you require.

Its your move, contact us for an introductory discussion.