At APEX Think we specialize in communications strategy, content development, and delivery for Life Science companies. Our mission is to influence the most skeptical of all audiences – scientists and clinical professionals. Our mission is to guide and effect your customers.

For small and mid-sized companies

Our smaller clients typically have deep skills in a few core areas but lack the resource to employ experts in other roles. As a result, these tasks fall on the shoulders of the company’s leadership team, consuming valuable hours that could be better spent elsewhere. We enable our clients to focus on growing their business, while we take over many of the distracting but essential side tasks; everything from scientific writing to PRs, from building an investor deck to developing a marketing strategy. We are experts in leveraging free or low-cost channels to communicate with your customers.  We enable small companies with limited funds to compete on a level playing field with their larger, established competitors.  For a full list of the services we provide please see services page.


For large organizations

Our larger clients typically have most of their bases covered from a resource perspective, but high performing companies know that to succeed they must focus on their core strengths and not try to be experts in everything. Many large companies including fortune 500 Pharma and Device companies leverage APEX Think for our expertise in scientific marketing strategy, technical marketing, writing, communication, and public relations management. Shaping the perception of the company and its products amongst customers and other key groups through focused messaging across a variety of platforms from peer-reviewed publications to social media and PR channels. A tested and proven approach that drives sales and positively impacts the bottom line.

Many of our clients start small, a one-off project, or just a few hours support per month, increasing over time as they realize the value APEX Think can bring to their organization.

When you work with APEX Think you get access to a group of seasoned, senior level Life Science professionals.

APEX Think consultants work alongside your team in the manner that best suits your needs.  Our consultants are employed in long-term support roles, as well as on defined short-term projects. With APEX you only pay for what you use, enabling you to ramp up support when you need it and taper back when you don’t.

Our typical client receives daily support for less than the cost of hiring a new graduate full time. For this, they are able to tap into all the skills of our diverse and experienced consulting team depending on their current needs.  It’s like have an entirely flexible additional department on hand, and best of all you only pay for what you use.

APEX Think

What we do….

Our core strength is in communication. Strategy, planning, content creation, and tactical execution. We can paint a picture of your company and your products in the minds of your customers and key opinion leaders. We leverage multiple channels form peer-reviewed publications to social media, blogging, and press releases in order to get your message across. Our goal is to create top of mind awareness within your target audience.

Our unique skill is our focus on the highly technical, data-driven audience composed of scientists, engineers, and clinical professionals that typically form the customer base for a life science company.

We know how to talk to scientists because we are scientists.


“We started working with APEX in 2012 on scientific writing and SEO. Over time they have become an integral part of our organization leading efforts in marketing and operational strategy, and assisting with everything from VC funding to strategic planning. I would hire them full time if I could find a way to tempt them away from consulting”

Dr Kevin Lustig, CEO Assay Depot